Curb Game?

Kerby is a fun, approachable and active ball game that can be played by anyone at any location. The game rules are simple: two players try to aim the ball at the curb. If the ball bounces back, it scores points.

Kerby is a ball game that has been played since the mid-20th century and is still popular today. Unfortunately, the busy street scene means that there are fewer and fewer places where the game can still be played (safely).

Kerby is patented ®


Kerby is a portable curb with which you can play the curb game. With the portable Kerby (similar to a piece of curb) you are no longer dependent on an “empty” street. You grab your Kerby and go to the place where you would like to play Kerby. For example, the park, a square, the beach, your backyard, the sports hall or your school. Anywhere you want!