Become a Kerby Reseller

Are you looking for a fun and new game to add to your range or do you want to act as an  reseller for the Kerby? Then Kerby is something for you! Kerby b.v. is the exclusive producer in the world. We are constantly looking for new resellers.

What is Kerby?

Kerby is a portable curb that allows you to play the curb game. With the portable Kerby (similar to a piece of curb) you are no longer dependent on an “empty” street. You grab your Kerby and go to the place where you would like to play Kerby. For example, the park, a square, the beach, your backyard, the sports hall or your school. Anywhere you want!

Kerby? Yes Kerby!

Kerby is a fun, approachable and active ball game that can be played by anyone at any location. The game rules are simple: two players try to aim the ball at the curb. If the ball bounces back, it scores points. The game was played frequently in the past, and is currently undergoing a real revival. And that is not surprising; Kerby is for everyone, and can be played by anyone. In addition, it is not only fun; it is also very healthy; it encourages both young and old to exercise outdoors or indoors in the gym !. Kerby also contribute to more mutual contact, connection and conviviality in the neighborhood, school, company, association and other fun target groups.

Dutch Kerby Championschips

For several years there has also been a Dutch Kerby Championship, which is organized by charity organization: Jantje Beton, with as many as 20,000 participants.


  • is a ball game that you play together.
  • is suitable for everyone, young and old as well as for people with disabilities.
  • is a social ball game.
  • can be played anywhere.
  • is suitable for rehabilitation.
  • is accessible and easy to learn.
  • is a wildly popular ball game.
  • can be easily hung or stacked.

Who can become a reseller?

(Online) retailers in the sports or toys industry.

How can I become a reseller?

By simply filling out the registration form or send an email to